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Various ways of adding

property value

There are many ways that you can increase the value of your property. Basically, each time you create a new project in your home, you increase its value with a certain percentage. Everyone would like to sell his property for significant profit when the time comes, and therefore many homeowners are embarking on various projects that see their homes add value. Nevertheless, the increase in the value of your house will entirely depend on the investment put in place for any project. If you built a high end fence on your property, its value will automatically increase and the same applies to a high quality swimming pool. Today, some of these options may not be viable due to various laws or even lack of enough land. Nevertheless, there has been a trend in the UK that has seen many people add value to their homes through loft conversions.


First of all, the main aim of having a loft conversion or extension is to increase space in the home for extra use. Most people opt for loft conversions in order to set up additional bedrooms, game rooms, offices or even entertainment rooms. This doesn’t come as a surprise as the increased prices in houses can restrict a willing buyer from getting the adequate space they require for their family. This trend has been appreciated in the UK because not only does it increase the living area of the house but also increases the overall property value by a good percentage. The percentage will only be affected by the quality of the work done during the loft conversion. Let's have a look at high quality loft conversion and how it increases your property value.


First of all loft conversion companies in Essex and other parts of the UK have been kept busy all year long by many clients who want their lofts converted. Others decide to add a conservatory as these are the two main ways of increasing living space in a home with a tight budget. If you are thinking of converting your loft, it’s good to use a highly qualified specialist as they know all about the job. You can possibly handle the project yourself if you have the needed expertise & experience. Nevertheless, it’s best to use loft conversion specialists as they are aware of how to work around different loft sizes and shapes, and can prevent many unforeseen problems arising.


Regardless of the method you choose to go with, whether using a professional or doing it yourself, you will need to get permission from relevant authorities for some types of loft conversions. If you do not obtain permission, you may end up paying out large amounts on fines making your loft conversion project extremely expensive.


One thing that contributes to the increase in your property value by a loft conversion is the increase in the available living space in your house. After the loft conversion, there is always an increased floor space in your home and this will be calculated when valuing your house. Most home valuers will calculate the floor space in square meters and will have each square metre valued at a certain amount of money. Furthermore, with good furnishing and decoration in the room, you will be in a better position to convince a buyer to add some extra money for the floor space due to proper furnishing. Even though the value of your property does not increase in great margins, it’s not possible for you to sell your house at a lower price than the buying price after a loft conversion.


Nevertheless, the value of your house will increase accordingly depending on the quality of the loft conversion. If you do the work yourself without any background on loft conversion, you may do a poor job especially if you are not guided and advised by a competent professional. Furthermore, if you damage the structure of your house while converting your loft, the results may be devastating, ultimately reducing the value of your property. Nonetheless, professionals will not make such mistakes as they have experience in loft conversions and therefore know how to handle the work skilfully. Most high quality loft conversions will attract a round at least 20% added property value according to studies.


If you are considering Loft conversion Southend on sea, you need to know exactly how the loft conversion project affects the value of your home. First of all, your home’s value is determined by a couple of factors. The first factor that a home valuer will consider is the finished square footage. Each square foot has its own value. For example if your home has a square foot value of 100 GBP before the loft conversion, the price is supposed to increase with a well executed conversion.


In order to determine how the loft conversion will affect your property’s value, you need to seek assistance from a qualified real estate agent or request for a property appraisal. If you already have a large loft space, converting it may significantly add value to your home. In order to have a good property value increase rate, it's good to seek professional services when converting your loft. Furthermore you need to include the added loft space into your insurance to avoid complications in case of anything. Do not forget to have your house revalued after adding the loft conversion so that you can be in a better position to have an idea of the money you would sell it in the future.