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Bungalow to House Conversions

Bungalow to House


Should you convert your bungalow into a house or start again from the ground up?


Here at LoftCraft UK we strongly believe that there are a lot more advantages to converting your bungalow rather pulling it down and rebuilding. By using the existing footprint of the bungalow you can save a lot of money as you wouldn’t need to pay for footings or expensive ground works. By building an additional floor you can be assured that you will still meet the required Building Regulations when using our services.


One of the biggest advantages is to add value to your property; the majority of bungalows cover a larger area than the average ground floor of a detached house so this means that when you convert it into a house you will have space for larger bedrooms, numerous en-suites and plenty of storage opportunities.


Last but not least you can create that additional space you so desperately need without moving or destroying the home you love.


Our fully skilled and experienced team will ensure that the whole process is completed professionally and with as little disruption to your family as possible.


Call us now for further advice or information on 01268 451188


We offer quality assurance to give our clients peace of mind that they are in safe hands, with over 20 years experience we can deliver the highest quality worksmanship using the best materials and tools for the job.


We can offer you a free survey and no obligation quotation offering you advice on making the most of your space while supporting you with any help you require for planning applications.


All conversion and extension projects we take on can be completed within 5-7 weeks (unless otherwise stated), to a high quality finish at great value for money.

If You Are Looking For High Quality Conversions and Extensions Then Look No Further, We Can Help You!