Loft Conversion Cranham

 Here at Loftcraft UK we have designed, installed and completed a numerous amount of outstanding loft conversions in and around the Cranham area, we pride ourselves on the very reputable reputation we have gained over the years. Every year our team of experts complete a numerous amount of loft conversions that are designed, constructed and completed with the remarkable workmanship we are so well known for. 


Our team here at Loftcraft UK understand that families grown and with this, living spaces shrink. This is why homeowners are so quick to choose to move home, but with a loft conversion you are removing the stress, time and more importantly you are saving money by investing into a loft conversion, with us. 


Not only does it prevent you from losing money, it also can add value to your home (up to 15%-20%). 


Having a loft conversion creates that extra room you may need, whether it is a bedroom, bathroom, playroom, office, wardrobe, the list is endless but whatever you choose to use your loft conversion for = they will all be as effective and as helpful as the next.


When we are called for a loft conversion our team are always on hand right from the enquiry through to the finishing product and are always available to answer any questions you may have- more importantly, our team are there to keep you reassured and maintain a peace of mind that everything is on track and running smoothly. 


We also understand that deciding to have a loft conversion is a major financial decision which is why are team are purely here to help. Any questions you may have, advice etc. because pushy sales is to what we follow. Our team are here to give you the guidance and advice you need. 


Why not contact us know for a free, no obligation quote for your loft conversion – you’ll be surprised at the amount of space we can create in your home.

Not all Loft conversions require planning permission, but all do require that the loft conversion is carried out according to strict building regulations. Permitted development enables you to build up to 50% or 70% in some cases of your property before you need planning permission. These details may vary in some conservation areas.


Loft Craft UK will take care of all planning consent and building regulation requirements, as well as all architectural drawings. Loft Craft UK will help with the design of your new loft conversion. Loft conversions are on the increase and you can benefit by adding value to your home and also giving you that much needed space.


We offer quality assurance to give our clients peace of mind that they are in safe hands, with over 20 years experience we can deliver the highest quality worksmanship using the best materials and tools for the job.


We can offer you a free survey and no obligation quotation offering you advice on making the most of your space while supporting you with any help you require for planning applications.


All conversion and extension projects we take on can be completed within 5-7 weeks (unless otherwise stated), to a high quality finish at great value for money.

If You Are Looking For High Quality Conversions and Extensions Then Look No Further, We Can Help You!




Many owners want to utilise every available space in their home to make it into something functional that the whole family can use.



We pride ourselves on the service we provide and the reputation we have built over the years from satisfied customers.



When building commences the work will always be supervised and organised by one of our experienced Project Managers.