If you have thought of adding space to your home, but not sure how to accomplish this, maybe it’s time to consider a loft conversion for your home in Wickford. Yes, you could add a conservatory or even an extension, but, more often than not, we discover homeowners with unused loft space that hold the potential to be transformed.


Here at Loftcraft UK, we can design, build and install bespoke loft conversions for homeowners in Wickford. With years of experience and an extensive knowledge base, our team can provide you with a loft conversion that will reap you multiple benefits.


Our attic conversions can renovate your unused loft space into an aesthetically pleasing area. Whether that is to be used as a bedroom, bathroom or lounge area, whatever you’d like your loft to be, we can make it a reality.


Therefore, if you’re looking to add extra space to your home property, moving house isn’t necessary. Moving house can be a stressful process, but with our help, this can be eliminated. A loft conversion will not only cost less, but you will also remain in your settled home AND add value to your property.


Did you know that an attic extension could add up to 15-20% to the price of your home? Even though a loft conversion is a significant investment, the long-term benefits are considerable. That is why we actively promote our loft conversions to homeowners in Wickford. Regardless if you’re looking for long-term property advantages or immediate space benefits – a loft extension is a worthwhile investment.

Not all Loft conversions require planning permission, but all do require that the loft conversion is carried out according to strict building regulations. Permitted development enables you to build up to 50% or 70% in some cases of your property before you need planning permission. These details may vary in some conservation areas.


Loft Craft UK will take care of all planning consent and building regulation requirements, as well as all architectural drawings. Loft Craft UK will help with the design of your new loft conversion. Loft conversions are on the increase and you can benefit by adding value to your home and also giving you that much needed space.

We have become the number one provider of loft conversion services in Wickford. Therefore if you’re interested in transforming your home and making the most of your unused space – get in touch.

Transform your unused space to a stunning loft conversion in Wickford

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Have you considered a loft conversion to add that extra space to your home?