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We offer quality assurance to give our clients peace of mind that they are in safe hands, with over 20 years experience we can deliver the highest quality worksmanship using the best materials and tools for the job.


We can offer you a free survey and no obligation quotation offering you advice on making the most of your space while supporting you with any help you require for planning applications.


All conversion and extension projects we take on can be completed within 5-7 weeks (unless otherwise stated), to a high quality finish at great value for money.


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Truss Roof

Attic Conversions

Do you have a truss roof? Do you feel there is no way to convert it into usable space? Fortunately for you LoftCraft Uk are experts in truss loft conversions. The majority of modern properties are built with wooden structures called trusses to ensure the weight of the roof is evenly distributed. The downside of course is that they take up all the available space making it virtually unusable; but providing the trusses meet certain measurements they can easily accommodate a loft conversion. Admittedly it is not as simple as just removing them as the roof would collapse but there is a solution to this as we would install load bearing steel beams and then safely remove the trusses. Once this is done your loft will be ready to undergo its transformation to create the much needed extra space in your home.


Planning permission and building regulations compliance


LoftCraft UK will provide all the advice and information you need about planning permission and submit all the relevant paperwork to the local authority. All of our loft conversions comply with Building Regulations and come with a .... year insurance-backed guarantee on all the building work. Our highly experienced team ensure the highest standards of workmanship and carefully manage every project so that all work is completed on time.


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